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Atlanta Hawks Tickets – The New Breed of Hawks

Atlanta Hawks tickets have been in a state of transition for the past few years as the Hawks seek out the combination that will make the competitive in the Southeast Division with the formidable Miami Heat. GM Danny Ferry had plenty of time to study the winning process in his time at San Antonio and he’s making changes that will allow Atlanta to improve their roster while still reaming nimble enough to compete in the free agent market. Hawks tickets holders will have to keep a roster card around for the next few seasons but they’ll like what they see happening. A quick glance reveals only a couple of long terms Hawks still remaining, Al Horford and Jeff Teague.

Fans with Atlanta Hawks tickets will enjoy watching Teague again in the 2013-14 NBA season as he has become one of the more productive players in the last few seasons. Atlanta spent money to keep him, committing over $30 million for his services. Last season Teague dished out 7.2 assists and maintaned a shooting average of around 45%, a number that should improve as he becomes a focus of the Hawks offense. Horford is more of a gamble but a gamble that should pay off. Once he regained his health after a chest injury last season he’s looked good, racking up plenty of playing time. His 6’ 10” presence at center was a linchpin for Atlanta both offensively and defensively.
Atlanta Hawks tickets will bring plenty of new faces, most notable veterans Paul Millsap and Elton Brand. With Millsap around the Hawks can afford to keep Horford in the middle. Millsap is able to make things happen from both the inside and beyond three-point range. Brand has become a fixture in the NBA after over a decade of service and his game shows no signs of slowing down. Indications are that he’ll be used sparingly and provide quality depth in tight games.

Atlanta Hawks tickets are going to bring plenty of changes in the next few seasons. New Head Coach Mike Budenholzer is installing a new offense, the roster is new and improved, and Atlanta is well positioned to continue the hunt for additional talent in the coming years. Dealing with the Miami Heat and the rest of the Eastern Conference is going to become easier of all goes as planned. Good things are coming to Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks tickets are providing the ride.