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Wells Fargo Center ticket update

As the summer months wind down and we head into the fall, Philadelphia should make sure to gear up for a very exciting season of live events. In less than a month, the Philadelphia Eagles will kick off, looking to defend their NFC East crown and further advance in the playoffs this season. In addition, the Flyers will begin play in October as they open up at the Wells Fargo Center against the rival New Jersey Devils and seek to defeat the defending Eastern Conference champion Rangers to advance to the Stanley Cup championship. The 76ers will kick off their year at the end of October as well, looking to improve upon a 2013-14 campaign that showed promise at times, especially from the youngster Michael Carter-Williams.

Picture of the outside of the Wells Fargo center in philadelphia, PA. Home of the Sixers and Flyers

Wells Fargo Center pictured above

In addition, there are several events taking place at the Wells Fargo Center during the fall months that will attract many fans.
Ed Sheeran will be performing on September 8th with tickets currently available for as low as $50 and an average ticket price of $116. You can view the Wells Fargo seating chart here at ABC Tickets to see which seats you’d want to buy. Just a week later,
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will be performing with Steve Winwood. The average ticket price is currently $186 with a get-in price of $64, just a tad more expensive than the aforementioned Ed Sheeran concert.

The big concerts that many fans are looking forward to will be taking place on October 15th and October 29th when Fleetwood Mac visits for two shows. The first show on the 15th is the most expensive event taking place at Wells Fargo Center over the next year with an average ticket price of $395.  The cheapest ticket available will cost you $100. Two weeks later, it’s a bit
cheaper with an average ticket price of only $224 and a get-in price of $91. There’s lots of great events coming up in the next few months so now is a great time to be in Philadelphia!

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2015 Philadelphia Flyers preview

The Philadelphia Flyers had a tumultuous 2013-14 regular season. They started
the year with a thud, dropping the first three games of the year. On October
7th, Peter Laviolette was fired and assistant coach Craig Berube was named head
coach. After struggling for any semblance of consistency the first month or so
of the season, they finally climbed out of the dregs of the Eastern Conference
and ended up finishing third in the Metropolitan Division with 94 points, behind
only the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers.

Action shot of the Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Rangers in the 2014 NHL playoffs

Flyers and Rangers battled it out in the 2014 NHL playoffs

The Flyers faced the Rangers in the opening round and Flyers fans know full well
how that ended. After splitting the first two games of the series at Madison
Square Garden, the Flyers lost Game 3 at home, before rebounding for a thrilling
2-1 victory in game 4. Both teams won their respective home games in Games 5 and
6, leading to an all-or-nothing game 7 at MSG. The Rangers were able to hold on
to win 2-1, en route to an Eastern Conference Championship, before being deposed
of by the Los Angeles Kings.
The Flyers, meanwhile, will look to take the next step in 2014-15 and try to
regain the playoff mojo they had a few years ago. They will start off the season
with a home game against the rival New Jersey Devils on October 9th. The average
ticket price for Flyers tickets to the home opener is currently $171 with a get-in price of
$42. If those prices are too high for you, just five days later, you can see the
Ducks come to town for as little as $24. The average ticket price for that game
is currently $137. If the Flyers can come out of the gate hot, it’s not too
difficult to picture them as Metropolitan Division champions by the end of the
year. But the reigning Eastern Conference champion Rangers will certainly not be
an easy opponent, nor the Sidney Crosby-led Penguins. It will be an exciting
season come October!

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Philadelphia Phillies, all quiet on the Eastern Front

The Philadelphia Phillies had a very quiet trade deadline, much to the chagrin of many Phils fans. Blessed with a small arsenal of apparently appealing assets, General manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. was unable to unload anyone of importance to contending teams. Instead, the Phillies will continue on the way this season with the same cast of players, hoping that many of them will be able to turn the tide in 2015.

Ruben Amaro, general Manager of the Philadelphia Phillies

GM of the Phillies Ruben Amaro pictured above

For fans interested in acquiring Phillies tickets for the final two months of the season, they will find several great bargains here at ABC Tickets. During the current home stand, the average price for Philadelphia Phillies tickets is only $59. In addition, the August 11th home game against the New York Mets has tickets available for as low as $9. Fans will receive a poster on the day of that game, one of the many promotions the Phillies will be running over the next two months. The most expensive game remaining on the schedule is for the season finale on September 28th against the Atlanta Braves. The Braves are battling for the NL East and a wildcard spot in this year’s playoffs; so there’s a very good chance that game may have some meaning. The average ticket price is currently $71, the only game left with an average ticket price north of $70. Even still, tickets can be had for as little as $15, so fans do not need to break the bank to get in to the ballpark. With a winning percentage below .500, it may be difficult for fans to envision the Phillies winning again anytime soon. But they certainly have several talented pieces on their team and it’s only a matter of time before they return to the postseason. Now is the chance to get in to Citizens Bank park for cheap ticket prices, so make sure you take advantage!

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Philadelphia Eagles ticket preview

As training camps begin across the NFL, it is time to take a look at your
2014 Philadelphia Eagles. The defending NFC East champions will look to solidify their
stranglehold on the division this year, hoping to hold off the Washington
Redskins, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys. All three teams’ fan bases expect
a playoff appearance every year so the Eagles will certainly be a target on the

With Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles think they have their long term
“franchise” coach. They also think they have their franchise quarterback in Nick
Foles. Foles took over for the now departed Michael Vick (currently a member of
the New York Jets) and surprised fans by leading the Eagles to the postseason. A
repeat won’t be easy, but many in Philadelphia think Foles will ultimately be
the real deal and the first steady quarterback to be at the helm since Donovan

Nick Foles practicing with the Philadelphia Eagles
For fans looking to get an early glance at Philly, Eagles tickets are very cheap
for the two preseason home games. Right now, the average ticket price for the
August 21st matchup with Pennsylvania rival Pittsburgh is only $80 with the
cheapest ticket available at a paltry $20. Compare that to the home opener
against the Jacksonville Jaguars which currently has an average ticket price of
$211 with a get-in price of $87, almost ten dollars higher than the average
price for the Steelers game.
Philadelphia Eagles tickets are even cheaper for the second home preseason game
with an average ticket price of $58 for their August 28th matchup against the
New York Jets. That will be the fourth and final preseason game for both teams.
Chances are Nick Foles will play no more than a series or two in that game, so
expect new Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez to get some time on the field
against his former team.

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NFL ticket previews for all 32 teams available now!

ABC tickets has put together a great 2014-2015 NFL ticket previews for all 32 teams. Click your favorite team below and see tickets, a schedule, and click the information link at the top to see the NFL ticket preview!

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Tidbits on March Madness

Some interesting tidbits on the Madness that is March Madness

The Big Dance, March Madness, the Field of 68, whatever you call it, it’s definitely one of the most interesting sports tournaments in the U.S., if not the world. 68 college basketball teams are scrutinized, speculated, and seeded into 4 regions; The East, South, Midwest and West. After the teams get ranked from 1-16 and face each other in a single elimination college basketball tournament, only one team is eventually crowned the NCAA tournament champion. The tournament is really popular and is shown on 4 TV stations, CBS, TNT, TBS and TRUTV, live. Last year, the tournament had its best ratings in over 19 years with over 10.7 television viewers tuning in to watch! Viewership is not the only thing that is popular with fans of the NCAA tournament, what’s also popular you say? Betting, and a lot of it; Over 12 billion dollars will be bet on all of the NCAA tournament games, that’s 2 billion dollars more than gets bet on the Super Bowl. One of the reasons the viewership has gone up, In my opinion, is the availability of the games. Back as late as 3-4 years ago, you couldn’t see all of the games, because CBS would only broadcast the games on their main channel. CBS would also only  show some games on one other channel, like ESPN. However, CBS fine tuned this arrangement and has spread all of the NCAA tournament games over 4 readily available cable channels, the aforementioned CBS, TNT, TBS and TRUTV. Another interesting aspect is the internet. Fans can login to and watch all the games on their computer as long as they have an internet connection, this brings even more viewership and excitement in.

This year’s Final Four and East Regional

The Eastern Regional is at Madison Square Garden March 28 and 30th. This is the first time that MSG has been used as an NCAA Tournament venue and the first time in 63 years that tournament games have been held in New York City. This year’s Final Four will be held in Arlington, TX at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. This is also the only the 2nd time in over 25 years the NCAA Final Four has been held near Dallas; last time was 1986. The Court will be set up in the center of the enormous stadium and will feature 4 of the remaining teams of the 68 team NCAA Tournament. As of the writing of this article 16 teams remain including Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, San Diego State, Virginia, Stanford, Dayton, UConn, UCLA, Stanford, Michigan State, Iowa State, Arizona, Baylor, Louisville, and Tennessee.

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My Thoughts on tanking in the NBA

Tanking, everyone is talking about it…Is it the NBA’s biggest problem, is it a solution if your team is bad, or is it a necessary evil? I’d have to go with option 2 and 3, a necessary evil if you have been locked in the NBA basement for years and also a solution to get out of the basement. One of the teams that are being talked about a lot this year is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers finished last season with a 34-48 record and missed the NBA playoffs by a few games. The team ended the season with a lot of question marks, would young guards like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner ever become superstars? Would Spencer Hawes ever be a top 5-10 center in the league? Will the team with its current roster ever make it past the first round of the NBA playoffs? Well, Joshua Harris and the rest of his ownership group, who bought the Sixers from Comcast-Spectacor back in 2011, answered all these questions with an emphatic, NO. The first big move was trading Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans, at the beginning of the season for the 6th pick in the 2013 draft, Nerlens Noel and a 2014 first-round pick. This allowed the Sixers to get a top rookie from the 2013 draft and possibly a top 10 pick in the 2014 talent laden draft. The Sixers also decided to trade Holiday, when they realized that rookie Michael Carter-Williams was probably a better point guard already. The second big move was to trade Spencer Hawes to Cleveland for 2 2nd round picks, Earl Clark, and Henry Sims. The third and final move sent Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to the Pacers for Danny Granger and his expiring contract. The disappointed Granger refused to play for the Sixers, and so they bought out his contract and Granger decided to sign with the Clippers. After the smoke cleared, the Sixers then went on a tanking tear. The Sixers lost 17 straight games, getting them that much closer to a top 4 pick in the 2014 NBA draft. If tanking were an art form, GM Sam Hinkie and the Sixers ownership are Pablo Picasso. If you disagree with what they are doing, then what should the 76ers have done? Should the Sixers keep hovering around the .500 mark, sometimes making it to the playoffs with a few above average players like Turner and Holiday? I’d say no, and the proof is in the pudding…When was the last time the 76ers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals? And notice how I Said Eastern Conference finals, NOT, the NBA championship? Let me give you a hint, it was the last time they had a Superstar, and that Superstar was honored in a game against the Washington Wizards on March 1st at the Wells Fargo Center. Still don’t know? The last time was 13 years ago in 2001 when the Sixers had Allen Iverson in the prime of his career, sell out crowds, and a defense preaching coach in Larry Brown. From 1991 to 1998 the Sixers didn’t make the playoffs, they were bad, really bad, until they finally got a draft pick right, and in 1996 drafted Iverson. What does this tell you? It tells you that for the Sixers to compete they need to draft a superstar, and what better way to have a chance at drafting a superstar then trading away pretty good players for top draft picks. Why shoot NBA draft darts for over 7 years, like they did in the 1990’s? Accelerate the process, get better faster and yes TANK, tank away Sixers. Next week I’ll take a look at some of the solutions to ending this as a solution!

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Top 20 player tirades

Recently, Richard Sherman of the Super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks went off about the San Francisco 49er’s Michael Crabtree in a post NFC championship game rant. In our last blog post I took a look back at some of the best coaching rants, so why don’t we take a look at the 20 best player fights and rants? Some are profanity laced ramblings or innocent rants about practice, others are some of the most infamous and outrageous fights, and will leave you speechless….Here they are in no particular order, my favorite has to be Allen Iverson practice rant, since I am a 76ers fan!

20.) Richard Sherman rants after the Seahawks NFC Championship victory against the San Francisco 49ers

19.) On May 7th 2002 then Philadelphia 76ers superstar Allen Iverson says practice at least 20 times in his now infamous rant when questioned by Philadelphia reporters about not going to, PRACTICE!

18.) Don’t call former St. Louis Ram Jim Everett Chris too many times, just don’t…In 1994, Jim Everett was on Jim Rome’s popular Talk2 show on ESPN. Rome thought it would be funny to call Jim Everett Chris multiple times, but each time he says it, Chris Everett, I mean Jim Everett keeps getting angrier and angrier, until all hell breaks loose.

17.) The infamous “You cannot be serious” John McEnroe tennis line judge outburst in the middle of a match.

16.) One of the greatest second baseman of all time, Roberto Alomar spat on umpire John Hirschbeck on September 27th 1996 after a called third strike.  Then a Baltimore Oriole, Alomar, who was always a fan favorite turned to a villain that season.  He also added insult to injury by claiming that Hirschbeck got fired up, not because of Alomar’s spit, but because Hirschbeck’s son passed away and another one of his son’s had a terminal illness. I was unable to find a video of the actual spit, so here is a image

15.) After a big New York Jets victory over the New England Patriots in January of 2011, Bart Scott blasts announcers and anyone else he can think of for not respecting the Jets.

14.) Kellen Winslow is a soldier at war on the football field in a post game interview after a game at Miami University.

13.) Serena Williams threatens a line judge in another infamous tennis meltdown

12.) Mike Tyson claims to want to eat Lennox Lewis’s children, in this famous rant after a boxing match.

11.) Tiger Woods loses his cool at the 2012 masters. Not the worst temper tantrum, but one of the only ones you will ever see out of one of the greatest golfers who has ever played the game.

10.) After a loss, former QB of the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Leaf, loses his cool at a reporter in the locker room

8.) Derek Anderson was caught smiling and joking on the Cardinals sideline, while his team was getting beat badly by the San Francisco 49ers…in a post game press conference Anderson explodes on a reporter about it.

7.) Former and Infamous Chicago Bull and Detroit Piston Dennis Rodman kicks a cameraman out of frustration


6.) In one of the most outlandish videos you will ever see from the basketball court, a Desoto high school player beats up a ref after a foul call.

5.) Hall of fame Kansas City Royal George Brett loses it, after being accused of using too much pine tar on his bat. The famous Pine tar incident was started by then Yankees manager Billy Martin, who got the ump to reverse the homerun. Incidentally, the pine tar incident was one of the few baseball protests ever upheld.

4.) Los Angeles Dodger Carlos Perez vs. the water cooler

3.) Ron Hextall, then a Philadelphia Flyer, barrels out at the Montreal Candien’s Chris Chelios, in the 1989 NHL playoffs. Hextall had been waiting all series to get back at Chelios for blind siding Brian Propp in Game one.

2.) Randy Moss feels under appreciated in New England


1.) Starting as a shoving match between Ben Wallace and Ron Artest, the shoving escalates into a full on brawl with the Detroit Pistons fans. Coined “The Malice at the Palace”, this fight is one of the most outrageous professional sports fights ever caught on video…involving Indiana Pacer and Detroit Piston players, coaches and then fans.

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Top 20 Coaching tirades

With the NFL playoffs, NCAA college basketball and NBA in full swing, it’s always fun to take a look at some of the funniest coaching tirades. One of the other things that sparked my interest in tirades is the latest one, from Southern Illinois’ Barry Hinson.  Hinson blew up after his team lost several games and shot poorly. I ranked them in no particular order, but ranked coaches with more than one tirade higher. My favorite tirade has to be Lasorda’s rant about Kurt Bevacqua….In my next blog post, I’ll take a look at famous player tirades.

20.) Pat Knight, Bobby’s Son goes on a rant about how bad his players are at Lamar


19.) Michigan Wolverine’s Women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth freaks out about
his team’s rebounding


18.) Jerry Burns – forgotten F’bombed laced rant from 1989 when he coached the Minnesota Vikings


17.) Then coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary, goes on a rant about selfish players



16.) Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State football coach is “a man, and he’s 40″!


15.) Dan Hawkins – Colorado Buffaloes Football coach goes on a rant about Division 1 football, saying some players should just play intramurals.



14.)Famous Syracuse Orange coach, Jim Boeheim, explains how his team wouldn’t have won 10 games without Gerry Macnamara! NSFW


13.) Former Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints coach Mike Ditka is pissed after his team falls to 2-7


12.) Jim Calhoun had a few outbreaks a the University of Connecticut, here they are.
Including one where Calhoun tells off a reporter who questions his high salary and another where
Calhoun freaks out when asked about Ryan Gomes.


11.) Then coach of the Boston Celtics, Rick Patino tells Boston fans that old legends like Larry Bird, Kevin Mchale and Robert Parish aren’t walking through the door anytime soon


10.) Latest Tirade with Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson talking about how his wife could shoot better than 2 for 11.


9.) Lee Elia Tirade NSFW – Says the Chicago Cubs Bleacher bums don’t work and need jobs, NSFW…Elia later regretted the tirade, but it is a classic nonetheless.


8.) Hal Mcrae, then coach of the Kansas City Royals, goes nuts in the locker room at reporters questions about his managerial decision making..NSFW.


7.) Herm Edwards, as coach of the New York Jets, talking about how in sports, you play to win the game.


6.) Dennis Green, then coach of the Arizona Cardinals and his famous, “They are who we thought they were” tirade.


5.) John Chaney, then coach of the Temple Owls after a game against then coach of the UMass Minuteman telling John Calipari he will kill him.


4.) Earl Weaver, the famous coach of the Baltimore Orioles was kicked out of 91 games in his managerial career, some great highlights below.

Another Earl Weaver video below


3.) Tommy Lasorda, famous Los Angeles Dodgers coach, and Nutrisystem spokesperson had some legendary tirades with reporters and a rant about player Kurt Bevacqua…NSFW.


Lasorda argues about Reggie Jackson call.

Rant about News reporters NSFW


2.)Former Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints coach Jim Mora “playoffs”, “coulda woulda shoulda”, and “diddly poo”


Diddly Poo


“Coulda Woulda Shoulda”


1.) And no list would be complete without the famous tirades of Bobby Knight, the famous Indiana Hoosiers and Texas Tech Red Raiders college basketball coach top 10 Tirades of Bobby Knight


Bobby Knight’s infamous chair throwing

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Flyers Tickets Preview For Upcoming Homestand

The Philadelphia Flyers have now won three straight games, defeating Edmonton, Ottawa, and Pittsburgh all in succession. After starting 1-7-0 and dropping all the way to 4-10-1, they have now climbed out of the bottom of the Metropolitan and have fifteen points through eighteen games. None of the other Metropolitan teams have broken from the pack yet, so they trail first place by a mere seven points.

The goaltending has picked up significantly during this winning streak with Steve Mason giving up two goals against the Oilers and grabbing a shutout versus the Senators, while Ray Emery gave up only goal against the Penguins. Brayden Schenn scored the lone two goals for Philadelphia against Pittsburgh, but that was all that was needed as Emery made 30 saves to hold on to the win.

This Friday, the Flyers will travel to Winnipeg to finish up their three game road trip, before returning home next Tuesday for a three game home stand against the Ottawa Senators, Buffalo Sabres, and New York Islanders. Despite their recent improvement, Flyers tickets are still remarkably inexpensive with tickets beginning at only $15 for the Ottawa and Buffalo games. The matchup versus New York is a little bit higher with the get-in price at $40. For both Ottawa and Buffalo, the cheapest lower level seat is $55 while it’s $80 for the Islanders. If you’re looking to be as close to the action, you can sit just a row off the glass right now $150 for any of the three games.

A year or two ago these prices were at least double and sometimes triple the rates they are right now, so now is the time to grab your seats before prices increase! They also have some marquee matchups coming up in the month of December with Montreal and Washington visiting during the middle of the month, so ticket prices will surely rise. And if the team can keep playing as well as they have the last few games, the sky is the limit!

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